• Constitutional & Administrative Law

I am a member of the teaching team for this first semester core module (first year undergraduate students and postgraduate diploma students, and visiting students) along with Prof David Mead, Eloise Ellis and Dr Michael Hamilton. The syllabus cover the basics of UK constitutional law, including parliamentary sovereignty, the Human Rights Act and judicial review.

  • Internet Law

I am module organiser for this final year optional module. The module is co-taught with Dr Paul Bernal The syllabus includes jurisdiction, e-commerce, cybercrime, telecoms, privacy, and digital copyright.

  • Media Law

I am a member of the teaching team for this optional final year module. It is co-taught with Prof Michael Harker and Dr Paul Bernal. The syllabus includes elements such as court reporting, contempt, the protection of sources, regulation of advertising, privacy and defamation. 

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